Accelerate your development and reduce your hiring period without increasing costs.

The primary activity of the Alpha Data Recruitment is outsourcing resources to customers who are looking for excellent people who are able to contribute to the organizations where they work. Alpha Data Recruitment is a leading Recruitment and Outsourcing agency in Abu Dhabi, we manages all of the outsourcing requirements of our sister company Alpha Data LLC. With a long standing reputation in the market the company now outsources more than 700 individuals in the UAE.

Steps we take to outsource your next best hire:

  1. Talent Acquisition Our technical recruitment team will identify top-talents to match our clients requested skillsets. As one of the leading outsourcing agency in Abu Dhabi, Alpha Data Recruitment has a database of over 2,000 qualified candidates, and conducts two levels of screenings.
  2. Offer Letter and Police Clearance – Alpha Data Recruitment shares only UAE – Ministry of labor compliant Offer Letters to its candidates. In order to maintain the highest standards of quality and security, we conduct a rigorous screening and background checks for all our employees. Our screening includes educational verification, as well as attestation and verbal/written references checks from previous employers. We ensure only those candidates who have passed their   reference checks and police clearances are qualified to join our client’s organizations. 
  3. Visa and Payroll Processing – We are pleased to announce that we have the capacity to process visas and labor approvals on your behalf, in a timely manner. Our automated systems allow us to process these documents quickly and efficiently. In addition to being able to process these documents quickly, we also maintain a large inventory of pre-approved visas so that we can ensure that any application for a visa or labor approval will be processed in a timely manner. Our payroll team offers a comprehensive handling of all operations, including the creation of payroll information, the creation of payroll registers, and the preparation of periodic payroll reports, in the most private, automated, and effective manner possible.

Frequently asked questions about

outsourcing agency in Dubai 

What exactly does an outsourcing agency in Dubai do?

Staffing consultants are credible agencies who function as an intermediary between the organization and the personnel. They help in identifying, selecting, and offering skilled candidates for the company in order to shorten the onboarding process and reduce the risk involved with employing personnel directly. Outsourcing agency in Dubai perform a crucial role by providing companies with qualified candidates that will enhance operational efficiency of businesses.

5 examples of jobs commonly filled by outsourcing agencies in Abu Dhabi

  1. IT support specialists
  2. Web designer/web developers
  3. Customer support representatives
  4. Healthcare staff
  5. Accounting Officers